What can we Learn from Cage Free Chickens?

On an early morning walk to the bagel shop I noticed they advertised cage free eggs on the sidewalk billboard. It got me thinking about the different types of eggs offered at the local markets; cage free, organic, grass fed.  So I checked it out on the internet and found out the chicken industry has a bunch of new laws regarding caging. On some chicken farms the birds are so tightly caged they can’t kick up their heels or shake out their wings.  Apparently this has a physiological effect on the eggs? Now isn't that a scary thought when you consider human procreation? 

Then I realized this was the exact same discussion a group of friends entered into last night, at a graduation party (Congrats J), after a few glasses of wine. It was choreographed irony, here we were participating in a celebration of independence, but incapable of escaping our own self-imposed cages. We get 'cooped' up in dead-end jobs, restrictive diets (wheat or no wheat, milk or soy, meat or poultry), and lifestyle choices.  If we are not a size two, with glossy hair, and perfect skin then we're unacceptable, even to ourselves. When did we start basing our value on a visually appealing body, or worse, a paycheck? A culture that favors youth above all else is doomed to fail. This kind of self-imposed stress has an enormous effect on our hearts, our minds, and our attitude. Is it possible to identify a better future and just move in that direction? 

My dad used to say, “What you think about will come about.” He was a new ager before his time. I think he meant whatever you nurture in your life will bloom. He was an avid gardener so this philosophy could be considered organic. I think he was on to something.  Why do we willing stay in caged environments? Does the word ‘chicken’ offer up any clues?  

I say we can glean something from the poultry industry. Adopt a new attitude, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  Put the word ‘should’ in the garbage and let’s break out of our self-imposed cages. Kick it up, spread our wings, and by the grace of God maybe even fly.


  1. Great reminder Cheryl. Thank you. Think I'll go scramble an egg open the window and yell! smg

    1. I bet you felt incredible after that!


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