50 Shades of Ordinary

I am a high school teacher and yes I’ve been singing, “Schools Out,” all week long, loudly, and off key. I know my family is thrilled – to go to work. I also created a summer list. (Seems a little less threatening than a bucket list) My first item was to start a blog. The minute I wrote it down I knew it was a mistake but what can you do? To calm my nerves I made a list of ten things I could write about that I was sure my anticipated readership would find fascinating.  

I have a phobia about people reading what I write, that includes my grocery lists, so this was another exercise in facing my fears.  My list of appetizer topics included turtle metaphors, what the hell is a halo, tweet the meaning of life in 140 characters, would Jesus have a Facebook, etc., but when I started writing the blog, these bellicose ideas kept turning up on my page, and trumping the list. When I run out of steam I can always return to the dream topics.  

I also noted a few books I want to read like Girl on a Train and The practice of Buddhism (I’m teaching World Religions next year so I’m prepping). I made a list of movies I want to watch again like, It’s complicated, Casa Blanca, and The Way We Were (Yes, I noticed the congruent theme). I want to try the Bayside Cafe in Moro Bay, stay a few nights in a tree house at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, and reconnect with my old friend Lynn (She's not old, we’ve just been friends a long time, and now I’ll find out if she's reading my blog). I have a space to check off items as they are completed because I like feeling accomplished and I admit I'm slightly neurotic. 

I'm also making a list of new discoveries like Lula’s sea salt caramels (to die for), fresh artichoke bread from Pescadero, and my new bible study IPhone app called She Reads Truth.  I know, calm down, my life is riveting. Turns out I’m 50 shades of ordinary. (Not to be confused with 50 shades of Grey) 

This is where the fun begins, leave a thought or two in the comments, be your own tint of ordinary. 

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  1. I guess zip lines, rope courses and sea kayaking are already checked off the list! Call if you need any help with the tree house sleep-over (if Lerry isn't invited), old movies, Pescadero artichoke bread, and caramels are my favorite! smg

  2. Top on my list is to be creative. I want to spend a lot of quality time with my grandkids and to catch up with old friends.

  3. My List is long and deep! But it does need an upgrade! Funny you should write on this topic today because I've been working on my list all afternoon!


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